Our hourly rate is $75 Per hour

for general gunsmith services.



We specialize in accurate

long  range  rifles

but offer other services

We charge 3% on all

credit & debit card transactions.


$650 Our Accurized Factory Rifle Package is a great way to get started! Whether it is a rifle you have had for a while or just bought, with this package we go through and tweak your rifle to get maximum results. Includes: pillar bed stock, bore scope barrel, slug barrel, lap bolt lugs, lap scope rings, gauge headspace, accuracy barrel crown, lapping bolt lugs, and remount scope correctly. 
$950 For best results, All of the basic package plus epoxy sleeve bolt to reduce excess clearance and gain accuracy & lap bore.


We specialize in precision rifles. Our custom long range rifles are highly accurate and come with a 1/2 MOA or BETTER guarantee. Most of our rifles are used for hunting or competition. Prices of rifles vary depending in parts and services. Our base model starts out at $4,250. Check out our rifles tab at the top to see what reamers we have in stock and a list of rifles ready to go!


Customize your firearm with our many options of colors and designs. Cerakote is a durable way to protect your favorite gun! See Cerakote Price List.

Quality is our #1 priority. We do not cut corners. That said, we work hard to get your project back to you quickly but it may take up to three weeks to finish.


General Gunsmithing is available. Call or email for an appointment. Our shop rate is $75 per hour.


Buy a gun online or from a dealer out of state and have it shipped to our FFL for $30.


Starts at $350 Glass bed your rifle for maximum results!
Starts at $50 Recoil pad installation (not including pad)

Starts at $50 Free float barrel channel

Starts at $50 Install Sling Studs (not including studs)


$175 Muzzle Brake Installation
(not including price of brake)
Muzzle Brakes $90-$200


$75 Lap Rings, Mount Scope & Level to Action
Starts at $75 Sight in Scope

Customer Provides Ammo


$475 Crown Thread and Chamber Barrel (price does not include cost of the barrel)

$100 Accuracy Barrel Crowning & Polish

$50 Slug Barrel

$100 Lap Barrel

Barrel Prices Range Between $400-$950



$300 Jewell Trigger & Installation

$300 Triggertech Trigger & Installation 

$450 Diamond Triggertech Trigger & Installation 

Quote for Installation of Customer Provided Trigger

*Customer Needs to Provide 5

rounds of Ammo for Testing


Call for Appointment


Have a rifle not shooting well? We can diagnose the problem and offer a solution! We thoroughly check your rifle for any potential accuracy issues and recommend the next step.
$75 Evaluation

Customer Provides Ammo


Non custom actions may require blue printing to receive best accuracy results. 
$400 Blue Print Action: lap bolt lugs, gauge headspace and sleeve bolt to reduce excess clearance and gain accuracy.


Installation $175 

(not including price of suppressor)

Must have Form 4 when dropping off suppressor.

We are required by ATF to have Form 4 while suppressor is in our shop.

We do not sell suppressors.

If our logo is not on a rifle it is not a Lyles. Often times people want to save money, we can individually provide services but we only guarantee accuracy on rifles that have gone through our full package. See Custom Rifle Build Sheet for more information.


Usually there is at least one person at the shop. To ensure Brian is available, please leave information below.

We are open

Monday - Friday

3800 Richman Road

Belgrade Montana


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